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Four months ago I had 2 moles removed from my face. I have a long history of having moles cut off of my body; so I am experienced at knowing how my skin heals after such a procedure. In the past I have scarred terribly. I must admit I was a bit concerned having the plastic surgeon cut on my face but decided the time was right to go ahead and have my moles removed. The Doctor recommended I use Mederma  for my scarring. I went to Rosa in May, eight weeks after surgery. I got on a regimen of using Reluma. I am amazed at how my scars have faded away. My skin has been renewed and you can barely see the scars. In fact, I forget when I look in the mirror that I even had surgery on my face. I believe the ingredients in Reluma are the reason for this amazing healing. If only I had this product for the past 30 years with all my visits to the dermatologist.

“It’s incredible! Everyone thinks I have had surgery and keep commenting on how good I look. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.”

Spa Director at the Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL

“I have been using the product ReLuma for two months and I have seen dramatic changes in my face. My lines and wrinkles softened and I have a more youthful look. Everyone tell me that I really look vibrant and rested. Reluma really works.”

Ursula Kaiser

“I have been in the skin care industry for over 37 years. One of my passions is the research of new ingredients. I used to travel internationally, always looking for a breakthrough in the skin care industry. I worked for many years for a high end skin care line from Europe and I was very involved in the development of new products.

When ReLuma practically landed in my lap I was extremely excited, as I know for a fact that we do no have anything even close to this breakthrough (yes, breakthrough) in the skin care market today.

I asked for one sample of the product to personally test it. Three weeks into its use and the difference was indisputably evident. My eyes have improved tremendously, my face has a glow, and my skin looks so much more even.  I was recently in a Women Leadership Conference and an attendee followed me around until I confessed my secret for such a radiant skin. That for somebody my age (64) is quite a compliment and I owe it to ReLuma..”

Rosa Cardinal
Medical Esthetician

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