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Stem Cells Revolutionizing Skin Care


There is new and groundbreaking technology revolutionizing the skin care industry and you’re most likely seeing it here for the first time. This is the way the skin care and anti-aging market is headed and you want to be on the ground floor. What am I referring to? Why it’s the wondrous, miraculous and scientific world of adult stem cells.

According to NewBeauty’s article on stem cell treatments in the 2010 Winter/Spring issue: “Doctors in the esthetic industry are ecstatic about the new discovery of fat-derived stem cells. Research shows they are a modern way of defying the signs of aging and one day preventing aging all together.” Exciting, right?

Do you know what stem cells are?
Most people have heard of them, but don’t fully understand how they work. I’ll let you in on the mystery without getting too technical.

Cells in our bodies are programmed for specific functions, but stem cells in particular are “blank” cells that can turn into whatever type of cell your body needs. They become “programmed” by the surrounding cells as they completely blend into their environment.

When you get a cut, for example, stem cells will likely be called to turn into the collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts in order to heal the wound. As they work they release small peptides called Skin Growth Factors (SGFs) and Cytokines. Think of these as the means through which they send each other messages in order for this communication to be fast, precise and efficient.

The problem is that as we get older and accumulate more damage, cells begin losing the ability to communicate with each other due to weakening signals, drastically reducing the number of Cytokines and Skin Growth Factors produced. What this means to your cells is the downgrade from High-Speed internet communication when you’re young, to dial up, or no internet signal at all as you age!

Although there are many medical applications to stem cells, including growing new skin for burn victims or reconstructing breasts after a mastectomy, we’ve caught glimpse of the tremendous benefits when it comes to skin care. It helps regenerate blood vessels, calm inflammation, and it reduces pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks and blemishes. It also hydrates, restores luminosity and of course, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In a nutshell, it supplements what the skin is lacking in any individual and gets the skin to act more youthful.

Although there are a small handful of ‘stem cell’ products out there, beware of the stem cells derived from plants or apples. Just ask yourself:  “How well do you think a human cell is going to recognize and be able to utilize a cell from an apple?” You catch my drift.

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