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Why should I use Reluma?


You should use Reluma because it:

  • Is the only product on the market with a cocktail of 387 Natural Skin Growth Factors derived from adult stem cells. Other lines have 9 or less Skin Growth Factors and derived from fibroblasts.         
  • Was developed by a highly reputable scientific research company ( not a skin care lab) specializing in the culture and engineering of adult stem cells by which they develop innovative products and therapies that are used in wound healing, aesthetic surgery, ophthalmic, orthopedics and neurological disorders. This company is now being chosen as the sole provider in isolating stem cells for a study in reconstructive breast surgery for cancer patients for John Hospital in Los Angeles.
  • Impacts every layer of the skin: from speeding the renovation of cells to the formation of capillaries and collagen.
  • Is the most advanced adult stem cell technology available on the market. ReLuma is scientifically ahead of other similar products.
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory and highly beneficial for Rosacea and Acne Skin.
  • Repairs and regenerates new tissue.
  • Enhances and complements retinoic acid programs (Retin-A

            Renova), as well as AHAs and other exfoliants.

  • Is a must after any invasive procedure to restore and heal the skin, especially after deep/medium strength peels, lasers, Thermage, etc.)
  • Is highly beneficial for all skin types.
  • Will work and compliment any skin care line you are currently using.
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